Auction Information

Former Raley's

Date/Time: Tuesday 2/8/2022
Location: 4850 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA 
Auction Type: Public Auction
Auction Categories: General Auctions, Heavy Equipment, Industrial & Manufacturing, Miscellaneous, Restaurant Equipment

Auction Contact Information

Contact Name:  Marvin Crawford, Jr.
Company:  MC Store Fixtures/Equipment Co.
Address:  PO BOX 487  Knights Landing  CA, 95694
Phone:  916-416-5083
Fax:  707-735-6026

Auction Description

Front End
8 Check stands
Wall Signs
Isle Markers
4 Sets of Overhead LED track Lighting
2 Concrete benches
6 E-cart grocery carts
16’ Floral Display
16’ x 11’ U-shaped floral department counter
Small 2 Door Safe

Pharmacy department
Pharmacy counter
28’ Pharmacy customer service counter
18’ Prescription storage cabinets

Gondola Shelving
116’ Wall shelving 7’ high w/lighted canopy
72’ Wall shelving 7’ high w/lighted canopy
48’ Wall shelving
24’ Lozier gondola shelving
16’ Lozier gondola shelving
12 - 48’ Lozier gondola shelving
3 - 44’ Lozier gondola shelving
4 – 40’ Lozier gondola shelving
54’ Wall Shelving
52’ Lozier gondola shelving
24’ Wall shelving
2- 28’ Wall Shelving
10’ Green Wall shelving
8’ Green Wall Shelving

Misc./ Backroom
Onan Generator w/ transfer switch
2- Conveyers
2- Dayton overhead fans
48” Maren Cardboard Baler
Green step ladder
Employee lockers
Grey inventory cart
Gray Step Ladder
4’ Blue 4 deck stock cart
2 Eye Wash Station
TLC Industries 60” Baler
Kilkom 60” Baler
4 Mailboxes (lock Boxes)
5 – 5’ Alum. Storage rack
2’ Metro Rack
4’ Metro Rack
2 – 6’ Alum. Storage racks
Eco Lab
Hose w/washing station
2 Step ladder
Big Joe Pallet Jack Forklift
4’ Green Metro Rack
2- 6’ Tan Metro Rack
2- 5’ Green Metro on Wheels
2- 4 step Stocking green Ladder
2- 5’ Alum. Dunnage Racks
Gray Inventory Cart
4 – Step Ladder
2- Alum. 2 deck stocking cart
4- 5’ Plastic Dunnage racks tan
2- 5’ Plastic Dunnage racks red
6 Wheel Cart

18’x 24’x 9’ Produce box
8’x 22’x 9’ Produce box
12’x 18’x 9’ Produce Cooler
14’x 14’x 10’ Kyson/Kalt cooler/freezer combo 14’x 50’x 10’
24’x 18’x 10’ Meat cooler
44’x 18’x 8’ Cooler 2- 6 Fan Coils
12’x 60’x 8’ Rear Load Dairy Cooler
3 Box Combo bakery/deli 12’x 10’x 9’ Cooler 10’x 13’x 9’ Freezer 10’x 13’x 9’ Cooler
14’x 8’x 9’ Dairy cooler
15’x 16’x 9’ Bakery freezer

Produce Area
5 Accu. Weigh Produce scales
5 Bag holders
5’ Red dunnage rack
3- 6’ Alum. Storage racks
3- 4’ dunnage racks
2 Hole 2 Drainboard sink
S.S. Hand sink w/Knee Pedals
4’x 4’ Wood tilting Euro Displays

Meat Department
2 Hobart 3 hp Meat saws
Hobart Grinder mixer
Hobart Slicer
Berkel Slicer
Hobart Steak Tenderizer
Hobart Automatic Slicer
Bizerba Vacuum Packer
Hobart Quantum Wrapping Station
Hobart Bench grinder
Flaker Ice Machine
Hoshizaki Cuber ice Machine
Alum. Meat Carts N.S.F
9’ Alum. Overhead meat trays
6’ Alum. Overhead meat trays
4’ Alum. Overhead meat trays
S.S. Hand sink w/Knee Handler
Blue Hose w/holder
6’ S.S. Poly Top Table
3-10’ Poly Top S.S. Tables
3 Hole 2 Drainboard S.S. Meat Sink

Self- Contained Equipment
5’ Sandwich Prep
True 2 Door Solid Freezer
3 Solid door Continental cooler
True 2 Glass door Cooler
2- True 3 Door Glass Coolers
Cold Tech 2 Half Door Freezer
Beverage Air 3 door undercounter refrig.
True 3 Door undercounter refrig.
Zero Zone 2 Door cooler
Hill Phoenix Produce Case
2 Ice Merchandiser
Spot Freezers

Hobart 40qt. Mixer w/Attachments
BKI Pressure Fryer Electric
Hobart Double basket Fryer Gas
Oliver Bread Slicer
3’ Beverage Counter
6’ Curved Glass Hot Food Case
8’ S.S. Counter w/Poly Tops
Blast Chiller Traulsen Smart Chill
Single Glassdoor coolers
Countertop Wrappers
5’ Poly Top Tables
10’ Poly Top Tables
6’ S.S. Cabinet
Muffin Pans
Sheet Pans
Baguette Pans
Hobart Bakery Pan Dishwasher
6’x 4’ Island Glass Bakery Display case
5’ Countertop Warmer
Taylor Softech Ice Cream Machine
Hobart Heat n Hold Cabinet
Vulcan 18”x 24’ Char Boiler Grill Gas
Wolf Gas Griddle w/Oven
Vulcan 6 Burner Stove w/Oven Convection
4 BKI Curved Glass Hot Food case
Lucks Dough Press
Alto Shaam Heat n Hold Cabinet
Rotisol Rotisserie Oven Natural Gas 2011
Alto Shaam Gas Oven
5 Bakery Transfer Cabinet
Taylor Slurpee Machine
Nemco Manual Onion Cutter Countertop NSF
Countertop deli Wrap
2 Hole 1 drainboard S.S. sink
Baxter Double rack Oven
Baxter Double rack Proofer
2 Door Hobart Retarder
8’ Alum. Dunnage rack
5’ Tan Metro
3-5’ Alum. Dunnage rack
2-6’ Alum. Dunnage Rack
3’ Alum. Dunnage rack
3-5’ Alum. Dunnage rack
3’ Tan Dunnage rack
Hobart 3 door Retarder Box
4’ Pot Storage rack On Wall
Blue hose w/ Dispenser
Misc. Metro Carts
4’x 5’ S.S. Hood
3’x3’ S.S. Vent
10’ Rolling S.S. Maple Top bakery table
3 Hole 2 Drainboard S.S. Bakery Sink 10’
2 Hole 2 drainboard S.S. Sink
1 Hole 2 drainboard S.S. Sink
3 Grease Mats
21’ S.S. Hood w/Ansul System
2 Pitco Double Basket Dryers
6 Burner Wok Stove
Traulsen 10’ Refrigerated Prep Counter
11’ S.S. Overhead Shelf
10’ S.S. Overhead Shelf
6’ S.S. Overhead Shelf
2- Alum Dunnage rack
7’ S.S. Table
10’ S.S. Table
5 Ingredients Bins w/Lids
4’x 4’ S.S. Hood
2- 8’ S.S. Shelf on Wall
11’ Counter w/ Hand Sink
6’ Prep Counter
8’ S.S. Prep Counter
10’ S.S. Prep Counter
12’ S.S. Prep Counter w/ hand sink
5’ S.S. Counter
Bunn 2 Burner Coffee Pot
5 Eco Lamp bug lights
6’ Counter w/Ice Machine Under Counter
Orange Juice Machine
10’x 3’ Bakery Service counter
6’ Upright bakery display case
10’ Upright bakery display case
S.S. Misc. Deli insert pans
Hobart Rotisserie
4’ S.S. Hood
3 hole 2 drainboard S.S. deli sink
8’x4’ S.S. Hood with Ansul system
1 hole 1 drain board S.S. sink
Grease fire extinguisher
Dayton fan
Plastic wrap holder

8’ Hussmann Sandwich prep 2017
14’ Hussmann service deli 2017
3 Door Zero Zone Cooler 2011
4’ Borgne Sushi Case 2015
24’ Curved class Hussmann service deli 1997
12’ Borgne sandwich prep 2014
6’ 5 deck Hill-Phoenix Deli case 2008
4’ Hussmann 5 deck deli 1997
2 glass door Tyler freezer 1997
32’ Kyser/Warren 5 deck 2011
10 Glass door Hill freezer 2003
28’ Hill 5 deck deli/dairy 2003
3 Glass door Borgne floral
8’ Borgne open front floral
3 Glass door Zero Zone cooler with condensing unit 2018
2 Glass Door Zero Zone Cooler 2011
2 Glass door Zero Zone Freezer with condensing unit electric defrost 2011
Perlick 3 keg refrigerator NSF
4’ Borgne 3 deck deli 2019
Borgne soup/salad 2008
56’ Tyler rear load dairy/deli
24’ Tyler 5 deck dairy/deli
20 glass door Zero Zone freezer 2013
52’ Tyler multi deck
46’ Kysor Warren Glass Door Freezer
3 Glass Door Hill Freezer
2 Glass Door Hill Cooler 2008
2 Glass Door Hill Cooler 2015
4- 16’ Refrig. Hill Produce Island
24’ Hussmann Produce Case
48’Hussmann Produce Case
24’ Hussmann Package Produce
5 Door Zero Zone Cooler
12 Door Zero Zone Cooler
2 Glass Door Hill Freezer
3 Glass Door Hill Freezer
19 Glass Door Hill Freezer
Borgne 3 deck Grab n Go cooler
4’ Hussmann 5 deck Deli





Terms & Conditions

A 13% Buyer Premium for onsite bids and a 18% Buyer Premium for online bidders will be in effect. All purchases must be paid for in full on day of sale with cash, credit card, certified or cashier’s check. No personal or business checks accepted without letter of credit from your bank. No equipment is to be removed until complete settlement has been made. After the auctioneer has sold a piece of equipment, it becomes the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All descriptions are
believed correct, but the auctioneers make no guarantee or warranties. All items offered for sale shall be sold as is, where is, with all its faults. It is the buyers responsibility to provide proper safety devices and equipment or means to meet safety standards. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold the sellers harmless against any damage caused by the dismantling or removal of property.